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    Unhappy Login to external website

    Hi all,

    i'm a newbie at programming so bear with me.

    i'm trying to create an app that let's me login to a website:
    Once logged in, i need to load some part of the website that containt statistics in an iFrame or div

    <iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" height="100%" id="accountSnapshot" src="https://www.test.com/aStartPageAccountSnaphot.action?decorator=noDecorator&applyNamedDecorator=true"></iframe>

    , or even better, scrape that info and load that in my app so that i can give it my own look and feel.

    Can you guys give me a push in the right direction of how you would do this?

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    Re: Login to external website

    Hi shakran,

    you should most probably use the XMLHttpRequest object to do HTTP requests to your website, and manage the session accordingly. By reading the requests' responses, you can actually get the data you're insterested in, and display that inside your widget.


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