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    Smile Smart messaging

    can any body help me out in Smart message i.e. Nokia develloped application. To support in other phones any license is required? How this is different from EMS?

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    Re: Smart messaging

    Please, do not post one question several times in one section and/or in different sections. Ask one specific question only once in Forum Nokia discussion boards. Before asking, make sure you had a look at all section to find the one which fits most. From there, start searching like for smart*. Check the answers or if there are non go one section up until you find answers. Probably they point you to a much better section. In this case, have a look at this (Archive) and that section. If you still could not find an answer, do not forget to create a good looking title for your question like: ‘Smart Messaging: Specification available?’.

    However, to answer you question, please read this and that, first. If questions remain, do not hesitate to come back.

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