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    Unhappy Rohit Shah-> Query on Mobile application development

    I want to develop Mobile application using Symbian^3 SDK. Will this application work with S60 3rd edition and later???

    My target is to deploy my mobile application almost on all brand of mobile phones for that which is the best tool to develop Mobile application?? Symbian C++, J2ME, QT or Web Runtime???

    Waiting for reply...

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    Re: Rohit Shah-> Query on Mobile application development

    hello Rohit

    Before suggesting you any platform for development, i will be or any developer will be interested in what you want to develop.

    If the application is not using much of native functionalities of the device, then you can choose J2ME to meet your need of compatability.

    Otherwise you need to work of native platforms such as Symbian C++ or Qt.

    And regarding your First Question, i guess we dont have a binary break between symbian^3 and S60 3rd edition so that application should work upto that. BTW i am not sure about this please any body do correct me if i am wrong.


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    Re: Rohit Shah-> Query on Mobile application development

    Application developed with Symbian^3 SDK Will not work with S60 3rd edition but with some later editions.
    J2ME is supportted by almost mobile manufacturer but it's capability is limited,so the cross-platform development technology Qt is the best choice now.

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