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    Need mobile model number

    Hi all,

    I have made game by using accelerometer sensor.Now I want to test that game in phone.So can please suggest me nokia phone model numbers which having accelerometer sensor (with minimum cost) for testing.And is there any way to check wether phone is having sensor or not.

    Hari Vemula.

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    Re: Need mobile model number

    Search for '"Accelerometer Sensor" site:http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices' in google ...

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    Re: Need mobile model number

    Go to this URL:


    All devices with Java Runtime 1.4 for S60, support JSR 256 Mobile Sensor API

    Cheapest of these around 6500.

    Check in Extra Features: It should list - Accelerometer Sensor


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    Re: Need mobile model number

    Mobile Sensor API was first included in with Java Runtime 1.4 for S60, which is supported in a number of S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 and later devices. The Java Runtime version can be checked by using the following System Property:


    In terms of S60 3rd Edition, FP 2 devices, at least E55 and E72 with the Java Runtime 1.4 for S60 support the API.

    More about in Forum Nokia Java Developer's Library:

    Java Developer's Library 3.5 > Developer's Guides > Data handling > Mobile sensors

    Some of the devices (including E55 and E72) are online for testing in Forum Nokia's Remote Device Access (a service free of charge) in case you want to check the support scope of the API:

    Home > Technology Topics > Application Quality > Testing > Remote Device Access
    Remote Device Access Services

    [URL="http://library.forum.nokia.com/java"][B] >>> Java Developer's Library <<<[/B][/URL]
    [URL="https://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Support/Technical_support.xhtml"] [B]>>> Technical Support for Java ME development <<<[/B][/URL]
    [URL="https://publish.ovi.com/info/"][B]>>> Nokia Publish: reach millions of Nokia users worldwide through Nokia Store <<<[/B][/URL]

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