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    Question open source SIP VoIP client

    Is there any j2me open source SIP VoIP client ?

    I tried to find some mobile open source sip voip client but only got someone developed in Linux or Windows CE platform.

    Thank you for your attention!

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    Re: open source SIP VoIP client

    Hello there, taoufik109!

    J2ME is really not teh platform for true VoiP applications, therefore you might not find too many clients
    around. Instead, it usually is a native as Symbian application.

    One named "MjSip" does implement SIP for VoIP, but lacks support for audio streaming. What you would require
    from the application is the real-time streaming of voice, audio compression etc. which not much are there for
    J2ME apps.

    Some links that might be of interest to you...



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