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    Nokia Qt SDK Simulator and maemo5 Hildon style

    From documentation
    "Qt application should look and feel the same as a native Maemo 5 application (Hildon style)."

    Why programs don't use hildon style in Simulator. They say simulator is for preview how programs will be shown in device, but this is not case with maemo.

    Will this be fixed after this SDK is out of beta ?

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    Re: Nokia Qt SDK Simulator and maemo5 Hildon style


    Hildon framework is based on GTK and it has its own advantages and disadvantes as a UI layer.
    Inorder to have a common UI interface across all mobile platforms NOkia is planning to adapt QT layer which can seemlessly work across all mobile OS. That's why you can see QT based simulators in the near future.

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    Re: Nokia Qt SDK Simulator and maemo5 Hildon style

    Don't know what previous post mean, but the actual problem with Nokia Qt SDK is that Maemo target is using Fremantle Qt SDK and Qt Simulator is using Desktop Qt SDK, that's why all Maemo stuff is missing there. I advise you to test on the device as this is more robust.

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