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    merging 2 sis file of same application

    I have an application whose sis file has a size of about 500kB. I am able to download the sis file of about 150Kb only , on the NOKIA 7650 via a wap gateway.

    Is it possible to break my complete sis file into 2 sis file and then download on the device and merge the two sis file into one application ?

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    merging 2 sis file of same application

    Yes you can merge 2 sis files.

    This is what you should do.

    1. Create a dummy application using VC++, just to get the .pkg file.
    2. Start sisar application and import the .pkg file.
    3. Now select Entries tab.
    4. Delete all the entries.
    5. Right mouse click on the entries folder, i mean not the Tab.
    6. Add a child, and from the select list click on Embedded SIS
    7. Do this again add your next SIS file
    8. Finally click on Tools and select Build SIS file.

    Now You have Ur packaged SIS file


    (WideRay Inc)

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    How to merge two sis files on the device


    I tired using the sisar application and i made a sis file combined of two sis files one of size 85 kb and other of 55 kb
    the combined sis file after trasferring to the device gets installed as two diff applications of the same name and uid how do i use it as one application or
    basically i need one application logo for these two on the device so that when a user clicks on this application logo , the application should have all the features that am having it while running on the emulator..

    will it take the features of both the installed files on the device and behave as a single application??

    i am trying this for the first time, if u could give some inputs to my queries it will be very useful

    Thanks a lot for the help


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