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    Question How to record and play audio in mp3 format?

    Hello friends,
    i want to record audio in mp3 format and after recording i have to play this audio so which encoding techniques we have to used and how we record audio in mp3 format.Tell me one thing how to play .amr file in application.

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    Re: How to record and play audio in mp3 format?

    Hello ankit2502,

    for an audio recorder application by using Java ME, you need to use Mobile Media API.

    There are good resources on the MMAPI available on Forum Nokia Java Developer's Library:

    Developer guide:
    Java Developer's Library 3.5 > Developer's Guides > Multimedia

    Java Developer's Library 3.5 > Javadocs > Mobile Media API (JSR-135)

    Implementation notes:
    Java Developer's Library 3.5 > Implementation notes >(JSR 135) Mobile Media API

    Furthermore, you can check the supported content types by using this code example evailable on Forum Nokia Wiki:

    CS001260 - Finding audio and video formats supported by the phone in Java ME

    About playing audio, here is a related code example from Forum Nokia Wiki:

    How to Play sound in Java ME

    For recording audio, here is one example: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1...without-the-jv

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