I've been trying to get the new Qt SDK beta working for a while now on Windows 7 32bit. The package installs fine and the QtCreator starts fine.

However the QtCreator is unable to use any of the installed Qt SDKs/Versions (Qt For Symbian Devices / Simulator Qt For Visual Studio / Simulator for MinGW).
In Options->Qt4 I see that it does find the correct qmake locations, but that's it. In tooltip of SDK/Version all of the paths are wrong except the qmake path:
  • For 'Qt for Symbian Devices (Qt SDK beta)' it makes up a Path 'c:/qt/4.6.2' and all paths are prefixed with that.
  • For the 'Simulator Qt for Visual Studio 2008 (Qt SDK beta)' the Paths is 'c:/ndk_builddirectory/qt/4.6/simulator_msvc2008'.

Right path for the first would be C:\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK, I guess. But how to change it?

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I have tried to reinstall the sdk. I've been trying to remove everything qt/symbian/nokia related from registry and file system but no luck. Altering or deleting configuration files (qtcreator.ini, qtcreator.db and the qtcreator subdirectory) won't do nothing; those are always reverted.