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    N97 Call Uncall button

    Is there a way to access the touch-enabled Call (the green button just below the display) and Uncall (or Cut Call, the red button just below the display) buttons on Nokia N97 from the J2ME code?

    Even if there is some way that blocks the inputs from these button while running an application, it will be good enough for me (I am thinking that there might be some one liner to be put in the JAD file to suppress the input from these 2 buttons).


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    Re: N97 Call Uncall button

    If you add:

    Nokia-MIDlet-No-Exit: true
    to your JAD or MANIFEST.

    This will not disable the red-key. It will change the red-key functionality from closing the application, to putting the application into the background. This works only on Series 60, 3rd Edition FP2 and later devices.

    It will still be possible to close the application using the "open applications" list.


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