I use the Armadillo BlueTooth Card and the PCMCIA adapter on my Laptop.

COM6 is configured as a virtual serial port and in the Armadillo Bluetooth manager i have assigned the Phone as a SPP device.

The Nokia Connection manager does not accept Virtual Serial Ports as connections. Therefore I found the registry entry that defines the port, and changed it by editing the registry. Now the Bluetooth connection is initiated when the Nokia PC Synch is started.

But the phone does not appear in the list of connected phones. Also, When I start Connection Manager and pick the Cable connection CLR-3P, PC Synch says "The connected phone does not support synchronization".

I twisted the registry like this.

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nokia\MediaWrapper\Port" is set to COM6

Kill the PC Connection manager program in the joblist. And start PC Synch.

Anyone who want to experiement further on this.