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    Qt Mobility and Webkit


    I'm trying to use qtmobility and webkit.
    First, I want the access point to be selected by using code:

    QNetworkConfigurationManager manager;

    const bool selectIap = (manager.capabilities()& QNetworkConfigurationManager::CanStartAndStopInterfaces);
    QNetworkConfiguration defaultIap = manager.defaultConfiguration();

    if(!defaultIap.isValid() && (!selectIap && defaultIap.state() != QNetworkConfiguration::Active))

    // handle if there are no access points available.

    session = new QNetworkSession(defaultIap, this);

    After this I connect opened() signal to my own slot, which handles webkit related tasks.
    Have I missed something because this doesn't work? I have tested this with N95 8 gigabytes, (S60 3rd edition FP1).



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    Re: Qt Mobility and Webkit

    Just an update.
    I modified the code so that I left out using opened() signal.
    So after open() function I directly called function, which opens the webkit
    related tasks. It seems to work.

    The only problem is that in case of some webpages, it asks the default access point
    2-3 times for some reason. Without the default access point, it would ask about 20
    times so the default access point stuff works. But sometimes it seems to forget the
    default access point.

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