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    [Nokia Qt SDK]uninstall

    Just a quick question.

    How do I uninstall the Nokia Qt SDK? (installed on a Win7 platform)

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    Re: [Nokia Qt SDK]uninstall

    Running the uninstall shortcut from Windows' Start menu or using the Add/Remove Programs applet from the control panel.

    I had some problems however doing this on my Windows XP setup and there are two things I've learned from this:
    - when starting the uninstall operation the PC must have network connection
    - must not be behind a firewall/proxy

    If still the uninstall does not work for you, delete the content of the Nokia Qt SDK directoy and eventually delete all Nokia Qt SDK entries from Windows' registry.
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    Re: [Nokia Qt SDK]uninstall

    The depending on a network connection bug has been resolved last week and is provided via update. So as soon as you update the SDKMaintenance tool, you should be able to properly uninstall the Nokia Qt SDK again.

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    Re: [Nokia Qt SDK]uninstall


    I have it installed on a Win 7 platform as well. It needs network access and takes a terribly long time to uninstall, let it run and go for a walk. It should be done in about half an hour, also some anti-virus programs (like mine : Comodo(3.x) ) detect arm-none-symbianelf-readelf.exe as a "Unclassified Malware". Uninstallation may also crash if your antivirus locks the file and you are denied access to it.
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