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    converting from descriptor to Bitmap

    hi all
    am developing a live video client
    i use the VRex example

    now i convert the frames to descriptor to send it to the RTP session

    void CVideoViewFinder::FrameBufferReady(MFrameBuffer* aFrameBuffer, TInt /*aError*/)
    TDesC8 &aData=aFrameBuffer->DataL(0);

    //error handling

    I want to know how to convert feom descriptor to a bitmap frame...to revrse the operation

    any one can help me in this?


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    Re: converting from descriptor to Bitmap

    You typically have an YUV frame, the actual format depends on your choice in PrepareVideoCaptureL. For a quick experiment you can use the Y channel as a grayscale image (CFbsBitmap::Create a properly sized image with EGray256 display mode, LockHeap it, copy the contents of your descriptor to its DataAddress, UnlockHeap, and you can display the image).
    For colours you have to do the conversion manually - at least as I know. For example Wikipedia shows an algorithm for converting between YUV and RGB colour spaces (as far as I remember, the Wiki contains conversion for the other direction only).

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    Re: converting from descriptor to Bitmap

    Hi eng.mohamed, I like your thinking
    -- Lucian

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