Hi Friends,
I have created one Preinstalled type application with Type=PA. I want symbian signing of that application. I have followed the url provided in the wiki., http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...Signed_testing
I have few queries which I am mentioning below :

I am following the steps mentioned in that link which is as follows :

What to submit for a pre-installed application

For a PA-type sis file submission you will need to also submit the binaries. Please submit them within a zip archive in the "Test file" submission step, the final step of the submission.

* zip1: PA-type sis, pkg used to create the pa-type SIS, the user guide or readme.txt
* zip2: Binaries in the other zip must be placed inside a folder structure similar to that in which they will be placed onto the memory card.

The PA-type sis must be named according to the naming guidelines and it must have the same version information as a corresponding SA-type sis would have. Note also that the name and version information must be the same as declared in "About".
I understand that in above Zip1 I have to submit raw sis file with type=PA (not a Developer/Publisher signed sis file), pkg for the same & user guide or readme.txt file.
In Zip2, I understand that to create folder structure & place the sis file at memory card.

Please confirm on this.

My Queries are:

1. When I apply Type=PA in pkg file then that sis file is not getting installed on Symbian Device (on Memory card insertion), so shall I submit it as a Type = SA?
2. Or, Shall I submit it Type=PA & after Symbian Sign, it will work as a pre-installed application?
3. When I apply Type=SA in pkg file then it is working properly as a pre-installed application from Memory card. So which one to use? Please advise as I want to move ahead with Symbian Signing process.

Kindly reply us ASAP as I stuck on Symbian signing.