We are developing a GPS based tracking software for S60 3rd and 5th editions. In our use case, the phone should send it's location to a web service every five or ten minutes.

As anticipated, power consumption has been quite a challenge. Here's what we have done:
-GPS chip is turned off as soon as the coordinates are available.
-Data connection is closed as soon as new location is sent to server.
-With this method, we are getting only 6-8 hours of battery life. We should get to at least 24 hours.

One of the ideas we found is to use accelerometer to track device movement and get a new GPS location only if the phone has moved significantly since the last fix. Would this be a viable solution?

Any other ideas how to minimize battery consumption?

We've been testing mostly on S60 3rd FP1 (N95 8gb). It seems that with this device, if getting the first GPS fix fails, GPS chip stays on even if it's shut down after failed try. Does anyone know if this has been fixed in 5th edition base devices? In general, what would be the best approach when getting a fix fails? Track phone movement with accelerometer and try again when the phone has moved?

Thanks for your help!