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    simple minijoe example


    I am looking for an implementation in j2me a parser/module that parses javascript. & i come to know about "minijoe"..

    But i am confused how to start..

    does any one has any example related to minijoe & j2me midlet.....

    thanks in advance

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    Re: simple minijoe example

    Hello moryaa,

    have you had a look on this related discussion thread?:


    [URL="http://library.forum.nokia.com/java"][B] >>> Java Developer's Library <<<[/B][/URL]
    [URL="https://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Support/Technical_support.xhtml"] [B]>>> Technical Support for Java ME development <<<[/B][/URL]
    [URL="https://publish.ovi.com/info/"][B]>>> Nokia Publish: reach millions of Nokia users worldwide through Nokia Store <<<[/B][/URL]

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    Re: simple minijoe example


    Thanks for reply..

    i read document before posting the thread & once again after ur reply.

    but i could not understand how should i star?

    Do u have any sample example just like hello world..


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    Re: simple minijoe example

    hi ,

    i will make clear what i am doing right now......

    i have downloaded sample code of minijoe-1.0

    from http://code.google.com/p/minijoe/downloads/list

    now i am trying to run canvasoids.html apps in j2me.

    so how should i go ahead?

    ANY help.

    Thanks in advance

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