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    Speech Recognization in Java ME

    I am following this code for speech recognition :-

    The problem is netbeans ide is giving some errors: symbol not found, EngineManager, RecognizerMode etc.

    Recognizer rec = (Recognizer) EngineManager.createEngine(RecognizerMode.DEFAULT);
    // Load language specific data – can take time
    RuleGrammar gram = // what to recognize
    rec.loadRuleGrammar("HelloWorld.s", grammarMarkup);
    rec.addResultListener(this); // get recognized words
    rec.requestFocus(); // user talks to us
    rec.resume(); // process audio
    // Would do other things here - wait for deallocate

    Can someone help to solve this problem?

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    Re: Speech Recognization in Java ME

    Hello arpbansal,

    and welcome to Forum Nokia Discussion Boards!

    AFAIK NetBeans IDE does not support this API, based on your errors this seems to be the case.

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    Re: Speech Recognization in Java ME

    Does the device that you are using have the needed API's ? specifically the JSR 113 API ?
    do your imports (import javax.speech.* if im not mistaken) work at all ?

    also have a look at this thread :

    and this one is also very very interesting :

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