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    Audio Suite Loading Problems

    I'm trying to install nAudiosuite_b0_1 however I am having problems. Namely once the files unpack and the initial screen comes up the 'Next' button does nothing. If I repeat the installation this may overcome the problem and I get to the licence agreement screen, If I select I agree and then 'Next' a distorted screen appears asking for my forum name and licence no. (I have had a licence no. sent to me already). The trouble is that I can't enter anything in these boxes (a cursor appears but only one character can be entered). Having attempted this many times I have on occasion succeeded in getting the appropriate detail in, but the 'Next' button does not work (it appears to be an un-refreshed view of the 'Next' button from the previous screen (i.e. it is graphically shown as 'clicked').

    I have attempted this with an open connection to the internet (as per the user guide instructions) but still to no avail.

    I am running W2K SP2 and meet all of the prescribed criteria except I do not have a sequencer on my machine as yet (although I can't believe this is required to load the programme).

    Any Suggestions?

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    Try this:

    Go to the "Display Properties" -> "Settings tab" -> choose "Advanced" from the bottom -> "Troubleshooting tab". Change your Hardaware acceleration to "None" and do the installation process.

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    V / Forum Nokia

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