Hi friends,

I have used the below line during the initialization of my midlet.
It works.

But my problem is...
I have a FORM in which I play multimedia (image/video/audio). I have used only two commands Play/Pause and Exit.
When ever a video or audio playback begins, the commands will not be in reversed order.
If I press any command, soon the commands get reversed.
I have tested this on WTKs emulator, Nokia 3110c and Nokia E63. It behaves same on all three. Displaying Image does not have any problem.

Also, after the playback is finished (and screen goes black,) the commands get invisible. (i.e., There wont be any soft buttons on screen anymore but still responds to the soft-button pressed)

Has anyone faced a similar problem? Does anyone has a solution?
Please help me out...

Thanks and Regards,