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    Question Using the Nokia logo in widget and website (?)

    To Nokia officials,

    Is it okay to use the nokia logo within the widget and on the widgets website freely?
    I don't want to run into trouble later on.

    I've been really busy the past week creating a new webinterface to go with my widget.

    Fully functional site can be viewed here:

    Won't be abusing it ofcourse, and think it suits quite nicely now altogether.
    Although, if it's not allowed, I'll have to make it face some other way.

    Now the site is temporarily done and up to date, time for more development of the widget itself.


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    Re: Using the Nokia logo in widget and website (?)

    I'm not a lawyer, but if you cannot find explicit wording allowing/permitting you to use Nokia logos and images, then don't use them, unless you ask for and obtain permission to do so.

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