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    Incoming SIP Requests not routed to Application

    Hi all,

    I am developing third party SIP based VOIP Client for S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition. I am able to make outgoing calls from my application to XLITE SIP client and SIP Communicator along with Media. I am using Nokia N95 for 3rd Edition and Nokia X6 for 5th Edition.

    Here comes the issue, When i try calling from XLITE SIP client to my application running in Nokia N95,i dont see any incoming INVITE to my application, but i am able to see INVITE received to the Nokia N95 assigned IP Address with help of Wireshark protocol analyzer tool.

    I have referred SIP client resolver plugin provided in SIPExample application and changed the capabilties so that the Nokia SIP Stack shall check and route the incoming requests to my application.

    Capabilities as follows

    <ACCEPT value=\"application/sdp\"/>
    <ACCEPT value=\"\\\"/>
    <LINE name=\"m\" value=\"application 0 RTP/AVP THIRDPARTY\"/>

    Nokia N95 Observations - After disabling the inbuilt VOIP client and only my SIP based VOIP Client application is running

    1. Incoming INVITE is not received to my application
    2. 100 Trying and 488 Not Acceptable is sent by SIP stack itself back to SIP Server and call is cancelled

    Nokia X6 Observations - There is no VOIP Client bundled along with this phone as per my knowledge

    1. Incoming INVITE is not received to my application
    2. 100 Trying is sent by SIP Stack itself back to SIP Server
    3. 408 Request Timed out is sent by SIP Server and call is cancelled


    1. Is there any problem in above pasted capablities XML?
    2. Why there is difference in behaviour between Nokia N95 and Nokia X6?
    3. Why the incoming INVITE is not routed to my application?

    Can any person who has experienced this problem, please throw some of your suggestions and solutions


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    Re: Incoming SIP Requests not routed to Application


    I have similar problem. Actually i'm developing SIP application on Symbian 3rd using JME(JSR180).

    In my application, I open server connection in shared mode as follows: sip:*;type="application/<app_subtype>

    This is because on Nokia, open server connection in dedicated mode is not supported like sip:

    When opening server connection in shared mode,The incoming request is routed based on following information:1. Accept-Contact header 2. Reject-Contact header 3. SDP.

    Because of no Accept-Contact header does not present during call from Xlite or Express Talk to my application (using JSR180),SipConnectionNotifier does not route the incoming request to our application but it response 415 Unsupported Media Type to Xlite.

    Could any one help us solving this problem please.

    Thank you

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