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Thread: Sending Mms

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    Sending Mms

    I have create mms with the support of developer suite for mms and Internet toolkit from forum nokia,
    I have read How to create mms service, and I have find more reply of my question
    I have try to send my mms on 3510 and 7210 emulator and It show ok !
    If I try to send image, audio and text as attachements on my nokia 7650, they are displayed good as multimedia message
    and I can see all attachements as multimedia message
    When I send the smil, audio, text, files as attachements on my real mobile phone I receive an error:
    "unable to display message.
    Select "Objects" in options menu for details"
    I think that there is some trouble with my mobile try to decode smil file
    I have insert in my message this mime:
    Content-Type: multipart/related; type="application/smil"; start="<AAAA>"
    MMS Body: Content-Type: application/smil Content-ID= <AAAA>
    Smil file as been created with nokia Internet toolkit wizard
    I'm very sad I have make much test but my mobile show me always the same error !!

    please help me!

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    First, I want to say thank you for looking into all the Forum Nokia material before posting questions to us. I wish more developers would do the same. But, you have 2 more things left that you need to look at! ;-)

    (1) You tested on Series 30/40 emulators, but not the Series 60 phone emulator.
    When it comes to SMIL, Series 30/40 and Series 60 phones behave quite differently. Series 60 phones support SMIL and will try to open it. However, most the Series 30 and Series 40 phones currently do not support SMIL and will ignore the SMIL (thus, ignoring your errors)... but this is exactly how the phones will handle it.

    (2) Have you gone through the "Getting started with MMS"
    The "Getting started with MMS" document. It can be found at
    under "Messaging" >> "Multimedia Messaging"

    Section 3.1 of this document discusses the very common problem of mixing "Content-ID" with "Content-Location" headers. If are using
    to reference your objects in the MMS Headers, then you should have something in your SMIL like
    <img src="cid:image.gif" />

    In this document, there is are also some good exercises that you can do using the tool kits and the Series 60 SDK emulator.

    Have fun!
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