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    Question s60 5th edition.............

    how to convert app which is develop in 3rd edition?just copy them and compile or need any other way?
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    Re: s60 5th edition.............

    First of all, you can simply try if it runs, because on the binary level S60 5th edition is compatible with S60 3rd edition code, just there are obvious differences like the screen format and the input metods, and some less obvious ones in various API-s. They may or may not affect your code, a simple test will show.
    Otherwise you can find a porting documentation in Tools, Docs & Code above, Documentation, Symbian C++, Compatibility.

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    Re: s60 5th edition.............

    Usually, the only issue will be the UI - no softkeys and 5way means issues on a device like the 5800.

    My suggestion is to just install the v3 sis onto a 5800, and then go from there.
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