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    Sign deb app with mobility capability

    Nokia Qt SDK supports mobility. If we add mobility code in maemo app, shall we sign deb file before install it onto the phone, like for S60 platform? if yes, how to sign it. After sign deb app, will the installation be same as unsigned deb file?

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    Re: Sign deb app with mobility capability

    On Symbian/S60 signing the application is a clearly specified requirement, part of the Platform Security requirements, and it applies to all apps, be they using Mobility APIs or not.

    Have you seen any such requirements defined for Maemo?
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Sign deb app with mobility capability

    Debian packaging system supports signing and it's very different from Symbian signing. You can learn more about it here: http://wiki.debian.org/SecureApt However, signing is not mandatory in Maemo 5.
    Note, that default N900 firmware doesn't have Qt Mobility libraries, thus, they must be installed separately together with Qt 4.6.2, which is not there either.
    You can find mobility packages here:

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    Re: Sign deb app with mobility capability

    Nowadays signing Maemo packages (via GPG) is not mandatory because package uploaders use SSH keys(via scp/dput) to upload their packages to the extras repository.
    I don't know if OVI makes use of SSH keys too...

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