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    Nokia 6310 and PC Connectivity SDK: I don't get it...


    I downloaded the PC Connectivity SDK from the web-site, installed it, and then tried to run the included samples with my Nokia 6310. But they just don't work!
    The installation of the SDK went fine, so no problem there. I can use the PC Suite (4.5) with the 6310, so the IR connection between the phone and the PC should not be the problem either.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Kind regards,

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    RE: Nokia 6310 and PC Connectivity SDK: I don't get it...


    Nokia PC Connectivity SDK does not currently support Nokia 6310 phone and the samples included at the SDK are made for Nokia 5110 and 6110 phones. So in this case you did nothing wrong.

    Best regards,

    Marko Tuukkanen
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    Re: Nokia 3100,3105 and PC Connectivity SDK

    since nokia 3100,3105 are pc compatible ,is it not possible to use the pc connectivity SDK with these models?...plz help..ur kind suggestions would b appreciated

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