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    Question s40 inline choice and button form widgets

    I'm trying to make my j2me midlet form look like the device native forms. Some forms in the native applications have some non j2me standard widgets apparently. I was wondering if they are available somewhere inside some nokia api or at least their source code can be viewed or downloaded.

    Since I can't post images, I'll try to describe where to find them. In an s40 device or emulator (I'm using a 5th edition FP1 (NOT Lite) device/emulator), go to Organizer, Calendar, view some day, add note, reminder. The repeat and the alarm fields have this inline choice widget that looks like a textfield with small arrows in each side. This form also has 2 special buttons at the end labeled save and cancel.

    Anyone has any info on these?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: s40 inline choice and button form widgets

    Hello facildelembrar,

    unfortunately there is no Nokia API for this sort of customization in Series 40 platform.

    Instead of ready-to-be-used (high-level) UI components, using Canvas is the solution here.

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