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    Question Parse sms containing gps coordinates and open in nokia maps


    Can anybody help me out with a simple application, which parses incoming sms containing gps coordinates and some other text and then launch nokia maps showing that coordinate.

    I have been trying to do it with PyS60. I can read the sms and all but opening the nokia maps with the co-ordinates,I don't know. As far as i know, if I have a landmark and I click on it, it will launch nokia maps with that coordinate.

    I want to use it for GPS tracker installed in my car. A specimen of the sms is quoted below.

    Help would be really appreciated.


    Specimen of incoming sms:
    lat:45.478263 long:15.505645 speed:000.0 T:13/02/09 14:25 http://www.some_website_which_is_not_wo ... m/blahblah

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    Re: Parse sms containing gps coordinates and open in nokia maps

    Hello there, bubblydevil

    Excluding what can be done with Landmarks API, at the moment of writing, there is no public official API
    Ovi Maps operations, e.g. with opening it directly to given direct coordinates and do other such map related
    operations. If you are interested in Ovi Maps development, you should apply for the Beta program thru this link:


    Best Regards,
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    Re: Parse sms containing gps coordinates and open in nokia maps

    Just to add at present there is no API directly available to open the Ovi Maps in Python.

    What you can do is use the Google maps API and try to show your position there, please search on wiki there is a code snippet avaialble on how to do this.


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