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    Exclamation Suggestion on how to fix Ovi reviews


    Here is a suggestion for sorting out the mess that are Ovi customer reviews.

    People often comment negatively without understanding the particular problem they may have. More importantly - developers have no way to help them overcome the problem: neither by replying to the review nor by contacting them in any way.

    Take this comment as an example:

    "It takes your money and does a runner! Absolute krap! It won't install as it has no identification name. A BIG CON. AAAARRRRGGHH!!"

    First, there is a suggestion that this app takes somebody's money without their consent and that they can't retrieve it. They suggest this app is a big con! THIS IS NOT TRUE! Yet as a developer I can't offer help in installing - presumably the user didn't manage to install the application at all. I can't explain that if the customer is not satisfied, they can claim a refund. There is no way to resolve the problem they have amicably regardless of my good will.

    Second, they suggest that "it has no identification name". WRT Widgets don't require identification name (unless OVI has wrapped my widget in some unexpected way). So this very much looks like Ovi App bug on X6 and probably N97. I've installed this app manually on many phones (including the above two) without a problem, the app has passed Ovi tests, yet there are already two complaints about installation through Ovi app - which have ended up as bad reviews for my app and not where they belong: in the Ovi app reviews.

    Either way, I have no way of knowing what exactly the end user's problem is or helping them overcome it.

    So how to fix this? Well, perhaps support and reviews should be separated.

    Most users can express their opinion by star rating. If they want to write a review they must have run the application and write at least N (e.g. 200) words - this will encourage serious and considered reviews. Reviews should also be moderated by Ovi. If the user has a problem however, they should first raise a support request / communicate with "seller" before posting a review. We should also be able to contact buyer or initiate a refund if we can't resolve the problem. If nothing else, this will improve trust in Ovi and ensure they are happy enough to buy on Ovi again.

    The current system is very damaging to app developers and I believe Ovi store. See how Ebay has handled user feedback and the surrounding process to encourage positive behaviour.

    I know that Ovi is new and there is a lot to do, but this is something that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Suggestion on how to fix Ovi reviews

    Bad or good you at-least you have reviews for your content. For me there is no review comments. Its been a issue since the upgrade (2 months) and they still can't restore the review comments.

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