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    Problems when entering numbers on E71


    We have a simple application which captures the keyboard and draws the number onto the screen through paint().

    It works fine on other devices we have tested on, but when using it on E72 the numbers appear only if the user presses ALT for every new number he/she wants to enter.

    Is there any workaround for that? I mean, one which will not screw the app for other devices where it is running smoothly right now.


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    Re: Problems when entering numbers on E71

    Hello jfbaro,

    for clarification, do you mean E71 or E72? The headline talks about E71, and you also referred to E72 in the description.

    Here is an example from Forum Nokia Wiki which could come in question as reference for testing this: How to utilize different keyboards in Java ME

    [URL="http://library.forum.nokia.com/java"][B] >>> Java Developer's Library <<<[/B][/URL]
    [URL="https://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Support/Technical_support.xhtml"] [B]>>> Technical Support for Java ME development <<<[/B][/URL]
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