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    How to use socket server with series 80 devices?


    I'm making an application for Series 80 devices (9210i Communicator). The application needs to communicate with an TCP/IP socket connection and I have tried to find some information on how to actually accomplish TCP/IP dial-up connection with 9210 but I haven't found any information about the subject.

    I did find some examples on network communication with series 60 devices, but nothing for the series 80 devices.

    So, if anyone knows how to use the socket server (with the Nokia 9210i mobile phone, C++ and EPOC 6.0 OS) I would be very interested in sharing that information!


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    Please read the documents available at the below link which explains how you can configure Windows NT RAS and the Nokia 9200 WINS emulator to access to the Internet using a Null modem cable connecting between RS-232 ports.


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