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    Duplicate app name for different platforms

    My company currently has a J2ME app that we'd love to get into the Ovi store, and we hope to finish development on a Symbian app very soon. My question is can both these apps have the same name and still be seen separately in the Ovi store?

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    Re: Duplicate app name for different platforms

    Dear chaselivingston,

    If the apps are distributed in the same countries, they cannot have the same name.
    If you have any questions, please contact us at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com
    Thank you.

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    Re: Duplicate app name for different platforms

    I sent an email to the address you provided, but might be just as likely to get an answer here.

    So even if the apps are offered on different platforms, they can't have the same name?

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    Re: Duplicate app name for different platforms

    Dear chaselivingston,

    Please be advised that two content items that have overlapping operator, and language distributions cannot share the same name. This provides bad user experience as a user will see the same application showing up twice.

    Since the Ovi Store allows for searches with all devices, your applications can still be shown multiple times to a user who does not select a device. Therefore it would be best to have variations in the display name to inform the user of the differences between the two applications.

    Conversely if your applications are both the same content item type, you can combine them into a single item with two separate files so that it will not show multiple displays of your application.

    If you wish us to provide a better insight to this matter, please contact PublishtoOvi.Support@nokia.com with your publisher name, content item name and link to the Publish to Ovi Tool.

    Best regards,
    Ovi Store Publisher Support

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    Re: Duplicate app name for different platforms

    if we are chasing this pig through the house again, let me add another nogo on the Ovi store.

    Under NO circumstances whatsoever may there be two apps with the same sis file name in the system! So if you have two different content items with different files who have the name name -> eeker.

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