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    Access point creation issues S60 3.2 C++

    How would an wlan access point be created where the user isnt prompted for confirmation of its usage when it is first used. There is the option in a manual creation of an AP for "Use Access Point" which can be Automatically and After Confirmation. Where is this set ?

    Also when the AP is created, it appears in "Uncatergorised", where is it set so that it appears in "Internet" ?

    I also noticed at times, a WLan connection failing to disconnect, and stays at disconnecting without ever completing. Would this prevent roaming as it would appear that a connection is still present ?

    Finally is there a problem with Connection manager app, when i used access point and roamed, there was a point where the CM labelled my 3G connection as the Wlan connection, and i ended up with 2 live connection both with the same label of the WLan, is that a fault with CM app, or maybe the Comms DB has been corrupted.

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    Re: Access point creation issues S60 3.2 C++

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    Re: Access point creation issues S60 3.2 C++

    thanks for the reply,
    But those examples only create access points same as what I have already done.
    It was specific settings to the access points I was having issues with.

    Those arent addressed in the link.

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