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    write a xml file

    Hi Guys, I am New in j2me,

    I need ur help. Problem is that. How can i put the new data in existing xml file using j2me.
    My xml file is belove. Plz Give a suitable Ans quckly. i am in trouble. I am waiting. and my Email address is nitinverma274@yahoo.com
    Plz tell me with some code.
    <name>Nitin Verma</name>
    <name>sample Program</name>
    Thank u.

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    Re: write a xml file

    How can i put the new data in existing xml file using j2me.
    What is that data you would like to add in the XML?
    Where this XML existing?
    Who add the already existing data?
    Thanks with Regards,

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    Re: write a xml file

    For the J2ME (JME) file access APIs, look into JSR-75 (FileConnection API). Exmples in the wiki. Check the wiki also for XML data handling examples. When you've some code, but still have problems with it, post specific questions/issues here.

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