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    WRT streaming VideoOUT

    Hi there,

    Is it possible to use WRT on Nokia S60 5th edition handsets to stream video + Audio OUT from the device to a server? Similar to how Qik and Ustream applications are working. I want to be able to stream video, pictures and audio out from the device to my server but using WRT and not SIS or Flash. Is this possible?

    If yes is there any demo code available somewhere? Also if yes is there a way to auto set up the streaming quality? or the image file size?

    Thanx for the help.

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    Re: WRT streaming VideoOUT

    Hello simonB, and welcome to the discussion board!

    I guess you have already done some searching, but truly in WRT there is no e.g. music player functionality supporting HTTP streaming up/down. There is one thread that has been handling streaming question, here:


    But, let's keep up this discussion, and see what else maybe pops up here...

    Best Regards,
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