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Thread: Form Direction

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    Form Direction

    Hey guys,

    I have a MIDlet running on a Nokia S40 device. It displays a Form object. The form contains text in a right-to-left language. Is there any way to make the form's direction right-to-left to be compliant with my language?


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    Re: Form Direction


    Orientation of displayed text language is dependent on current Locale set in the device settings. If current locale of your device has LTR orientation then it will display all contents in the same irrespective of the langague of the text displayed.

    MOTOROLA provides a provision for handling this and setting the default Locale orientation of the device through a JAD attribute:
    but it is specific to Motorola.

    For Handling the same on other devices you will have to check for the current device locale and then process your text to displayed based on that.

    Like in your case if your want text to be RTL reverse whole text and add white space in the begining of the text for equivalent to the device width - width of text to be displayed.

    Or much better approach will be to use UI Libraries like LWUIT for your application that provides inbuilt support for handling RTL Languages.

    Hope it will clear out some details.


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