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    Camera Wrapper error

    hi i am using camera wrapper for my application and my application require to open the camera frequently. the problem is some times not all the time it stops displaying "Camera power on". from my thinking wrapper's ReserveAndPowerOn() function is not executing properly on that occasion. what might be the problem please help. i am using the camera wrapper as specified in the forum itself.

    also can any one direct me where can i find the document of using camera wrapper.
    where can i find documentation. which provides information like what function to call after what.
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    Lokesh Kumar S.

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    Re: Camera Wrapper error

    Hi Lokesh,

    While using the camera wrapper Reserve should be called first and then the PowerOn ,Do check for the return values always based on those perform the things.

    You can get lot of help from SDK Documentation,just search with camera keyword.


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