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    Installing qtmobility sms application fails in N95


    I have made an application that sends an SMS to a certain number.
    I have run it in the emulator, with no errors.
    But when I try to install it in the N95, I get this kind of error:
    "General OS related error".

    I suspect that this is because of the capabilities that are on the .pro file.
    I think I may have missed some capability in that .pro file.
    Please, could some of you that have been able to send SMS from target device provide
    me the needed capabilities?



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    Re: Installing qtmobility sms application fails in N95

    these should be fine:

    symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY = NetworkServices \
    LocalServices \
    ReadUserData \
    WriteUserData \
    UserEnvironment \
    ReadDeviceData \

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