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    Exit WRT directly to Applications menu?

    Hi all.

    My WRT loads my SWF in the flash standalone player, which works great.....almost. The only irritating aspect is that when i exit my application i get a black screen as opposed to the Applications menu (my app exists directly to the Applications menu when i package it up as a SIS). The right softkey exits this black screen, and the left softkey brings up a menu saying 'Exit'.

    Is there any way to exit the SWF and return directly to the Applications menu? I prefer loading my SWF in the standalone player because it bahaves better with regards focus, and screen rotation.


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    Re: Exit WRT directly to Applications menu?


    In principle, it is possible to disable the "Exit" command, and also return immediately back from the application.

    Check out this wiki article: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...nt_in_a_Widget

    and compare that solution with yours, you might find some ideas there.

    In a MainHTML file of the widget you could meta-refresh tag that redirects to the SWF file, as a possibility.

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    Re: Exit WRT directly to Applications menu?

    Hi kaelan_travis,

    as a further alternative, you could use the widget 'onshow' event to check when the widget returns visible, and so to immediatly close it, by using window.close()

    Hope it helps,

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