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    Orientation changes in WRT

    Does anyone knows how to prevent orientation changes in WRT? I am working on a widget app that I need to maintain the portrait display at all times.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Orientation changes in WRT

    Hello karimrfk,

    This should help you further, as it handles how to poll the device orientation:


    Another article to go, "Changing display orientation in WRT"

    You can initiate a Callback method whenever change in Device Orientation is detected and then what you could do, is maybe
    override with window.widget.setDisplayPortrait() should the device want to change orientation by information received
    from the sensor.


    You could experiment with these to find out how it works for your application. The detection speed should be fast enough not to
    cause distraction for the user, operating the device and therefore the UI of your application.

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