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    Post Reading 'N' no of bytes from a file

    Here is the code snippet I am using to read a file data in a buffer.

    RFs fsSession;
    RFile file;
    TInt fileSize;

    HBufC8* encData = HBufC8::NewLC(fileSize);
    TPtr8 encDataPtr = encData->Des();

    From this I have to separate first 16 bit data and pass the remaining buffer to another function for further processing of the file.
    Can I do the normal pointer addition like encDataPtr + 16 and pass the pointer to the funtion or I have to do any conversion???
    I am a C++ developer just learning Symbian, so lot of confusion about the descritors. Plz any one help me to get the first 16 bit data and to pass the remaining to the function.

    I tried with encDataPtr + 16 and I got an error like ..\src\EncDec.cpp:165: illegal operands 'TPtr8' + 'int'


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    Re: Reading 'N' no of bytes from a file

    there are many API's available for doing descriptor manipulation.

    You can extract any portion , any length api's which can help you in this are Left, right, Mid etc. Please go through the api provided in the SDK.

    like you can use this one to extract the data after first 16 bytes.

    TPtr8 MidTPtr(TInt aPos) const;

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    Re: Reading 'N' no of bytes from a file

    How about using this function from RFile:

    TInt Read(TDes8 &aDes, TInt aLength)

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    Re: Reading 'N' no of bytes from a file

    HBufC and TPtr are objects. However they have a Ptr method which gives you a pointer.
    Also note that HBufC may be oversized, so consider using Vineet.jain's suggestion.

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