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    Packaging/embedding images with the application

    What's the preferred method for including images with an application (to be loaded by OGL in this case)?

    I've seen "START BITMAP" mentioned for use in the mmp file, but the Slideshow sample references the images from an iby file. What's the difference between the two?

    Also, is there any documentation for the iby file format?

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    Re: Packaging/embedding images with the application

    .iby is used when you are building a ROM (it is an 'image' description file, but the word refers to a 'ROM image', so the layout of the ROM file system, nothing graphical), practically it specifies which files are going to be copied where. You can certainly find its documentation on the Symbian site, http://developer.symbian.org, just it has no use for you.
    The START BITMAP magic creates .mbm (multi-bitmap) files from standard .bmp files. Such .mbm files can be loaded with CFbsBitmap::Load. Besides its own .mbm file format, Symbian also supports various well-known file formats (.gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, and some others as well), via the CImageDecoder API. You can find related examples in the Wiki.

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    Re: Packaging/embedding images with the application

    Applications (and their data files) are more often than not packaged in SISX files (*.sis) which are build by developers using the PKG script (*.pkg). The PKG file format is documented in the SDK and at http://library.forum.nokia.com

    There is also a related forum, discussing writing application installers, at http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...play.php?f=124
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