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    cannot reset fax icon

    Our messaging application sends SMS text notification messages over SS7 per the GSM 3.40 standard. When testing with a Nokia
    phone we notice that the voicemail icon and counts are displayed
    as we hoped but when we set the fax count (by sending an
    SMS Deliver message with a nonzero fax count in the user data
    header), the fax icon is not removed when we subsequently
    send another message with a zero in the fax count. The voice
    mail icon seems to work OK. Can someone suggest what we
    might be doing wrong?

    Here are some additional details:
    1. We set the coding group bits (7..4) in the data coding scheme
    to 13 (1101) when we want to set the icon. We set bit 3 (the icon
    indicator) and we always set bits 0..1 to 0 (voice mail).

    2. When want to turn off the icon we set bits 7..4 to 12 (1100) and reset the icon indicator. Again bit 0..1 are always 0.

    3. We always send the header and we always send all 4 counts
    in the header. We assume that the Nokia 3590 "sees" the nonzero fax count and sets the fax icon even though we never
    set the fax message type in the Data Coding Scheme octet
    above. However it doesn't appear to reset the fax icon when
    we send a message with a zero fax count.
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    Here are two possibilities of sending Fax indication inactive
    messages with discard or store message type:
    M, Forum Nokia

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    Can you tell me?

    can you tell me how i can set the icon on this? i tried but dint help a sample code will help. we are using UCP to talk to th SMSC for sending sms messages.


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