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    Listbox with hidden data

    Hello again,

    My application loads data with a unique index from a database and displays it in a listbox (CAknDoubleStyle2ListBox).
    Then I want to get the unique index (which must not be visible in the listbox) of the listbox's selected item. Generally I could do a mapping of the listbox index to the database unique index. But the problem is, that the ordering and the number of elements of the listbox can change after the data has been loaded from the database (e.g. due to an filtering operation). So, is it somehow possible to store hidden data with each listbox item?


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    Re: Listbox with hidden data

    The listbox itself is not really suitable for storing any additional invisible data. However SetItemTextArray method can make use of anything what implements MDesCArray. So you can provide your own solution which provides descriptors via the MDesCArray interface, but provides identifiers, numbers, or even complete database rows for you. Remember to SetOwnerShipType too.

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    Re: Listbox with hidden data

    Thanks a lot!

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