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Thread: Key to PC

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    Key to PC


    thanks to the guys on this forum all my problems are no more but there is one more problem that i need anwsering if you have the anwser that is...

    how can i get a key that was pressed on my phone and send it to my PC and i have to combine my accelerator data and the key data to be sent, so when i press a key I send a key and when the accelerator data wants to be sent i send the accelerator data. But the problem is that i don't know how to sign the PythonShell so i can use keycapture(i just dont know how to sing or what to sign i have PythonShell 2.0.0) so im stuck with using this...

    import appuifw
    import graphics
    import e32
    def draw_state():
        canvas.text((0,12),u'Scancodes of pressed keys:',0x008000)
        canvas.text((0,24),u' '.join([unicode(k) for k in keyboard_state if keyboard_state[k]]))
        canvas.text((0,36),u' '.join([unicode(hex(k)) for k in keyboard_state if keyboard_state[k]]))
        canvas.text((0,48),u'Last received keycode:', 0x008000)    
        canvas.text((0,60),u'%s (0x%x)'%(last_keycode,last_keycode))
    def callback(event):
        global last_keycode
        if event['type'] == appuifw.EEventKeyDown:
        elif event['type'] == appuifw.EEventKeyUp:
        elif event['type'] == appuifw.EEventKey:
                          redraw_callback=lambda rect:draw_state())
    but insted of using a canvas to print my data i would like to save the presed key into a string but i dont know how...

    i would like to do something like this...
    if key was pressed...
    keyPressed = str(canvas.text((0,24),u' '.join([unicode(k) for k in keyboard_state if keyboard_state[k]]))) -> or something so i know what key was pressed
    if key was Release
    keyRelease = str(u' '.join([unicode(hex(k)) for k in keyboard_state if keyboard_state[k]]))) -> or something to know that the previous key was released

    also how do i combine so that both key and accelerator data would work in the same function

    Im using the folowing to send...

    def gamePlay():
    	hostServer = ""
    	hostPort = 12312
    	apo = sel_access_point()	
    	if apo is not None:
    		sock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM)
    		class MetaApp():
    			def __init__(self):
    				self.accelerometer = \
    				self.counter = 0  
    			def my_callback(self):
    				#to more bit drugače bo pošiljalo 35 paketkov na sekundo, kar pa ni vredu
    				if self.counter % 5 == 0:
    					#pogoj da s katerim omejujemo občutljivost
    					if (self.accelerometer.x > kCorX+faktObcutlj) or (self.accelerometer.x < kCorX-faktObcutlj) or (self.accelerometer.y > kCorY+faktObcutlj) or (self.accelerometer.y < kCorY-faktObcutlj):
    						tmest = u"X: " + str(MyGData)
    						n = sock.sendto(tmest,(hostServer,hostPort))
                                            if Key event == true
                                                    tnest = keyPress
                                                    n = sock.sendto(tnest,(hostServer,hostPort))
    				self.counter = self.counter + 1
    			def run(self):
    		if __name__ == '__main__':
    			d = MetaApp()
    			#al uporabiš sleep al pa oni handler spodaj :D kaj bo ljubše :D
    			appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = quit
    Thank you for your help,


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    Re: Key to PC

    can someone please at least tell me how to enable keycapturer? couse i don't even know where to start using SymbianSigned... Please is there any tutorial showing how to enable this function with PythonScriptShell_2.0.0_3_2.sis how do i sign it so it will work? Where do i download the unsigned version?

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    Re: Key to PC

    if i am allowed to say this hack your device and install an unsigned shellscript with max caps.
    if i am not allowed to say this please ignore this post and/or delete it ...

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    Red face Re: Key to PC

    yeah well hacking is all good and well but i think i'm gonna try it with threading can someone give me a good site where everything about threding is explained well?

    Also I kinda don't know how to hack my device do you have any idea how to do that it's not for profit or anytihg it's for a school project and my profesor is not helping couse he has no idea about python also my school mates don't want to help couse they see me as an adversary...

    Thank you for yourr help so far ,


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    Re: Key to PC

    about hack:
    i'd need to know what device you have

    about threading:

    scroll down to threading

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