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    Launching app from browser using custom URI scheme

    Hello -

    I'd like to be able to launch my application when the external web browser redirects to a URI that uses a custom scheme, e.g. x-myapp://myapp.com?params=xxx. In order to accomplish this, I'd guess that my application would need to register for the "x-myapp" scheme and/or a custom MIME type somehow associated with the URI.

    In searching this forum, I found a few references to this issue but unfortunately didn't find any answer. In my understanding, the data/document recognizer API seems limited to files and the Browser Control API mostly provides functions related to controlling an embedded browser. For this issue, the standalone device web browser will be handling the "x-myapp" URI.

    Is there a way on 3rd and 5th edition to associate my application with a custom URI scheme?


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    Re: Launching app from browser using custom URI scheme

    you would actually need to implement schema handler plug-in for the browser. I'm almost certain that public SDKs are not including required APIs, though, you might want to check symbian^3 sources from Symbian to see whether there are something that you could avaluate.

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