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    How can i get ETel library for my s60,3rd,fp1 ?


    I need Etel library in my project, and I know the library was removed in the 3rd version, so can somebody tell me how can i get the library

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    Re: How can i get ETel library for my s60,3rd,fp1 ?

    basically earlier you could have gotten it through symbian partnering options, and now I suppose you could try getting access to its functionality through API partnering. Note that you do need to have a valid use case as well as business case in order to have chances on successfull API partnering. Also you must open first technical support case, to see which APIs could be used for your use case, API partnering it self, will not include any technical support.

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    Re: How can i get ETel library for my s60,3rd,fp1 ?

    Well, anonymous developer or not, one should read the docs. ETel has been deprecated in S60 3rd Edition but not removed. Some functionality is no longer supported (and will in fact fail to work on some devices / networks) but that's not something that any [other] API can ever solve.

    Want to use ETel? Use it.
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