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    Diagnosing OpenGL ES issues

    I'm trying to create a simple application that renders a background texture using OpenGL ES (I've used the Slideshow example as a basis). The texture (or at least the bitmap) is being successfully loaded, but the output only white.

    The texture is 512x512, glGetError returns GL_NO_ERROR after glBindTexture, glVertexPointer, glTexCoordPointer and glDrawArrays.

    What is the best way to diagnose the problem?

    (As an alternative, I'm willing to dump my entire codebase if there is a better, working, template to work against)

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Diagnosing OpenGL ES issues

    Hello there, stuart_george!

    Just checking, can you tell me if you use e.g. bgImage = Bitmap.createBitmap do you have width height of POW2 and maybe non-POW values...?

    Best Regards,
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    Re: Diagnosing OpenGL ES issues

    Hi Marko,

    I'm using CTextureManager from the OpenGL samples to load the texture. CTextureManager appears to be using CImageDecoder::FileNewL, ::FrameInfo and ::Convert to load the bitmaps.

    The texture is 512x512 (I resized it because I vaguely remembered OpenGL having a POW2 texture restriction).

    Any thoughts to what could be the problem or how to diagnose it? Alternatively, if there's a simpler working code example around that'd be handy too


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