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    Exclamation Can user input to simpletablemodel ???


    i have go through lots of dicussion about how to edit simpletablemodel , but mostly all of them used a method that user input the data into a textbox and then update the table,

    what i trying to do is, allow user directly key in the data in to the table and the data can be save and next time when i preview, it will be the latest data , but some how the table not allow user to do that, is that anyway to allow the table to be enter a value directly , and do we have any other option like other type of table control.

    thank you.

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    Re: Can user input to simpletablemodel ???

    Hello gengisme!

    Welcome to the discussion board.

    What you asked about, you should be able to do it by setting listeners to capture mouse clicks on a cell
    and set that cellas editable...

    You could give it a try atleast? Let me know if you could proceed?

    Best Regards,
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    Re: Can user input to simpletablemodel ???

    hi meveric,

    i try used ItemStateListener, and the somehow it does not fire the if else statement,

    Code :
    public void itemStateChanged(Item item) {

    if (item == tableItem)

    i believe is the problem arise from if (item == tableItem) <--- let's say if i change to tableitem to a textfield variable it work, but when i change back to a table variable it does not work, do u have any idea what should put in.

    besides , the table does not have any properties to change cell to editable , so what should i do in order to make it editable ?

    thank you

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