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    Regarding installation in memory card

    Hi All,

    I am installing a sis file on my memory card in 3rd and 5th sdk. Now if I put that memory card in some other phone and want to use that application but I am not able to view application icon. I think it could be due to restriction, but I wanted to know it is possible to do that?

    If yes then
    1. What kind of UID will be needed?
    2. What are capability requried?
    3. what kind of certificate requried?

    Please suggest.

    Thanks and Regards,
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    Re: Regarding installation in memory card

    That is called a pre-installed application, existing thing. Currently the second one amongst the latest stuff about Symbian C++, in the Docs section.

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    Smile Re: Regarding installation in memory card

    I guess you are asking about installing application on memory card of one N73 and removing that Memory card and putting in some device, may be another n73 and application should work.

    this is possible, and i dont think any capability is needed,
    if you have used UID given by symbiansigned.com that should be enough

    try inserting the memory card in that phone, where u have not installed your application before.

    hope this helps you


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